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From the small 20 piece ensemble to the 200+ piece band, we have the perfect marching band show production for your ensemble. Our marching band music is accessible to all students and as public music educators ourselves, we understand the importance of serving your band’s specific needs. We offer the highest quality, cutting edge and competitive shows at industry-leading prices.

We take special care to craft our shows so your students work smarter NOT harder.  We carefully consider appropriate ranges of all instruments.  We choose keys that your band will sound good in.  We stay away from notes that are intonation problems, consider fingerings at all times and create teachable moments within our music to help your students grow as musicians.

We are dedicated to serving your program and your students by bringing an amazing product from our family to yours!

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Please browse our library and enjoy the many show options we have to offer your program. We know our shows will entertain and amaze your audience! Performance levels range from Grade 2-4 maximizing your groups potential for success. If you are interested in a particular show, please contact us for more