“I am proud to say I have been working with MBW since the beginning of my teaching career and every year I am impressed! Joshua Hinkel’s distinctive style is one that would suit the needs of any marching band. Josh’s music offers every single student on the field an opportunity to be challenged at the appropriate level. He also has the insight to know exactly when a show needs to be high intensity and when it needs to be relaxed and beautiful.  Aaron Railey provides a percussion score that is fresh and exciting, and can offer appropriate challenges to even the most diverse ensemble.  Josh and Aaron make a great team and know how to make you feel like part of the MBW family.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with MBW and Joshua V. Hinkel in a creative capacity for the past nine years. They are without a doubt on the cutting edge of marching band music design. Every year they deliver what our design staff requests as well as a fresh creative twist that sets our marching program above the competition. Through the use of carefully designed impact points, sound writing that showcases all areas of our band, and orchestration that makes any ensemble seem larger we have a product that is unparalleled!”

“For the past 10 years I have been a customer of MBW’s marching band arrangements. The arrangements have been instrumental in building our award winning competitive marching band program. The arrangements are written for maximum effectiveness with impact points that allow your drill writer to easily design a visual program. I have never been disappointed in their music. Do yourself and your band a favor and get your next show from Marching BandWorks.”

Brilliant. Unique. Captivating. Engaging. These terms only brush the surface of describing the works that Josh and Aaron produce. What’s more, they are extremely committed to the creative process. Their musical expertise and knowledge of effective design are sure to inspire you and bring your production to life!

“Josh and Aaron are more than just a composer/arrangers. They played an integral part in designing a music book that would demonstrate the strengths of our ensemble, while adding a distinct flair of what makes their creative genius success a refreshing approach to music. Integrity and effort that is beyond reproach and I look forward to many more collaborations with Marching BandWorks!”

“The music was a hit with students, staff, and judges. Great product and awesome customer service!”

“Josh’s arrangements and compositions are incredibly imaginative and fresh. He has the ability to perfectly blend modern sounds and styles with music that will be familiar with the audience. His original music has plenty of melodic content that the audience will love and his arrangements have new ideas and twists that will captivate you, your students and audience. The challenges in his music are appropriate for students and will make every section of the band excited and engaged. Whether it is an original composition or an arrangement, Josh’s creative touch will push your students to be their best and bring new life to your program.”

“Marching Bandworks provides the key ingredient to a successful season, a quality score at a reasonable price. Ordering the show was easy and it was nice to be able to download the music and audio hassle free.  I look forward to selecting another show in the future!”

“We were in a time crunch with getting a show. We had to order a show quickly and get the music as soon as possible. Josh and Jessica were extremely helpful in getting the process done quickly and efficiently. Payment was extremely simple and they were both very kind in helping us out. Marching BandWorks was outstanding in the way they handled the band and our needs.”