How do I contact MBW?

Contact our office manager at info@marchingbandworks.com.

Where can I view your Terms of Service?

View our Terms of Service here.

What are your payment options?

We gladly accept checks, money orders, purchase orders and major credit cards. Credit card purchases will have a 2.5% processing fee added and can be paid online via a link in your invoice.

What is regional exclusivity?

This guarantees that no other band in your state will perform the same show. This also includes that no other bands in your circuit, state and/or regional championship CLASS/DIVISION will perform the same show. Such as BOA, USSBA, Mid-States as examples. This is also only an initial guarantee.  Bands may change performance schedules and attend a competition that you will be at.  If this occurs, Marching BandWorks is not liable and will not be held responsible.

Is licensing/permission to arrange required for your shows?

Only for shows that utilize non-original material. Visit each show page for more details.

Can I get an original new show for my group?

Yes! This is our specialty. Contact us with your strengths and weaknesses of your group and we can create a show perfect for your band. Tailored for you! Contact us to learn more.

Can I mix and match movements from separate shows to create my own show?

Of course. Many clients do this to come up with their own show themes and ideas!

Are percussion parts available?

Many of our shows have percussion parts included. If you choose a show without percussion parts and want them, we will gladly refer you to one of our in-house percussion arrangers. They are fantastic!

What if I don’t have the specified instrumentation listed on each show?

Shows are written with doublings in most parts to sound good even if you are missing certain instruments. Melodies, harmonies and bass voices are usually doubled. This is why smaller bands still sound great with a MBW show. Our goal is to make sure every band sounds it’s best!

Does MBW offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds.  All sales are final.

Can I have the Finale/Sibelius files to make changes if necessary?

We only allow XML files in certain situations and at an extra cost. For details contact josh@marchingbandworks.com

How long can I perform a show that was purchased?

Shows may be performed for one competitive season only that is one year from the date of purchase.