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For Every Action

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Duration: 7:30

Difficulty: Medium - Easy

Price: $2000

Listen & Imagine

Mvmt 1: For Every Action

Part 1: “Kinetic Energy”
Part 2: “Acted on by an External Force”
Part 3: “There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction”

Titled after Newtons third law of motion, “For Every Action” is designed to show both musical and visual interaction. The concepts of one theme motivating another as well as well as creating musical direction help lend to a clear visual program. Falling motives also reference to ideas related to gravity on other external forces.
From Wikipedia – Newton’s Third law
Whenever a particle A exerts a force on another particle B, B simultaneously exerts a force on A with the same magnitude in the opposite direction. The strong form of the law further postulates that these two forces act along the same line. This law is often simplified into the sentence, “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Battery by Michael Coers

What you will receive:

  • PDF score
  • PDF parts
  • mp3 recordings


  • Flute 1, 2
  • Clarinet 1
  • Clarinet 2, 3
  • Bass Clarinet (optional)
  • Alto Sax 1, 2
  • Tenor Sax (optional)
  • Bari Sax (optional)
  • Trumpet 1
  • Trumpet 2, 3
  • Horn in F 1, 2
  • Low Brass 1, 2, 3
  • Tuba


  • Snare Drum
  • Tenors
  • Bass Drums
  • Front Ensemble